1. where should i ask for a help choosing sizes ?

- you can use the bulletin board which is prepared with each products, e-mail ( e-concierge@venirdeswish.com ) and what's app. Among our brand's  services, especially for size and style recommendations, our founder of the brand, who has the most detailed information on our brand swimwear,  will consult with you directly ( except for some occasions ). it is because We are working hard to provide you with the most suitable and beautiful products on you, and in order to receive your feedback and improve right away. In addition to basic body size information, we always try to recommend the most suitable design and size after consulting in consideration of various factors such as physical concerns, body characteristics, chest size, height, weight,  shoulder width, purpose of purchase (where, who), age group, customer's external looks/mood, and skin tone. Please feel free to contact us anytime. we are going to be waiting always and will be happy to answer.

2. When I purchase the prduct, do I also have to purchase a bra cap for the swimwear? 

- no.  If you buy one of our swimwear, one pair of swish silicon bra cap ( per one swimwear ) is going to be shipped together. Once you buy our products, it is going to be packed and shipped carefully with the components of [ swish swimwear, swish dust bag, swish silicon bra cap, multi-use zipper bag, and a guarantee card etc. ] with pretty swish boxes and ribbons.

3. Do I have to pay the additional shipping fee if I want to exchange size? 

- No.  if you contact us, we offer a free exchange service to customers in Korea ( in other countries, please contact us ) along with a counseling service that recommends the right size for those who want to exchange the size. We are working hard to prepare offline stores as soon as possible so that you can try them on and purchase them, thank you.

4. Can pregnant women also wear it?

- Yes, there are differences depending on the number of months, our Swish swimwear can also be worn by pregnant women due to its excellent elasticity and stable pattern study, but we recommend you to buy it one-size-up. If you need some more accurate consultation, please contact us with an email or what's app, and we will help you with a kind consultation. ( the  [ Read to Swish ] is especially  full of elasticity and soft fabric that can be worn comfortably.)

5. Can i also wear it for swim lessons or at a beach?

- Yes, you can. It is designed to suit the swimwear enjoyed in Indoor vacation (pool villas, hotel pools), but due to its high durability and stable pattern, some designs can also be used for swim lessons. The design recommended for class is marked separately on the detailed page of each product, so please refer to it before purchase. Of course, it can be also worn for beach use, but please understand that if you are exposed to a lot of salt repeatedly, there may be a slight shortening of the product's life compared to using only In the non salty water.

6. How long does the shipping take?

- If it is in stock, we will ship it immediately on the same day, and if it is not in stock, our own production team will manufacture it according to the situation. shipping overseas, we will try our best for you to receive it within two weeks. We are always trying to maintain a smooth inventory system for fast delivery. If the shipping is not possible to ship on the same day you ordered, we will contact you separately and let you know. If you want to know the exact delivery date of the product you want before ordering, or if you want to receive it before a trip or some schedule, please contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp. we will try to manage to ship it to you before the date you will need our swimwear.

7. When is the regular Swish sale?

- We don't have a sale period throughout the year and try our best to meet our customers with the best service that you can be satisfied with and also no sale to dispose of inventory due to small production.

8. When is the launch period for the new Swish collection?

 - The Swish Collection is normally released twice a year, with INDOOR COLLECTION in mid-May and SPA COLLECTION in early October. Also, not an annual collection but depending on the situation, CAPSULE COLLECTION may be prepared in mid-July.

9. Which part of the process is handmade?

- Swish Swimwear is a 100% handmade product created throughout the entire process (design, pattern implementation, foundation (hand foundation), sewing, and finishing) with a master craftsmen. If you purchase and receive the product, you will feel the high effort and quality.

10. what does indoor vacance wear means?

- the new category that swish first made which is the swimwear designed and researched that matches the mood of a vacation enjoyed indoors (hotel pool, pool villa, spa pool, etc.). If you are more curious about the story and philosophy of our brand, please check the [ ABOUT ] on our homepage.

SWISH TEAM strives to become a brand that constantly improves and develops with gratitude for your feedback, love, and interest.